Recycled Water Scheme

Selwyn Snow Resort is demonstrating environmental leadership and a commitment to conservation, through the introduction of a Recycled Water Scheme for Snow Making – The first of its kind in NSW!

Selwyn Snow Resort is the first snow resort in NSW to implement a groundbreaking new wastewater treatment system that enables it to generate and use recycled water for both snowmaking and toilet flushing.  It’s part of Selwyn’s commitment to sustainable environmental practices.

Here are some quick facts about the project and its benefits:

  • The new Water Reuse system enables Selwyn to recycle up to 50,000 litres of wastewater per day.
  • The recycled water will be used for toilet and urinal flushing within the Selwyn Centre. Up to 25,000 litres of recycled water per day will be transferred to our snowmaking dam to assist with snowmaking operations.
  • The wastewater is treated by a stringent disinfection process that results in the production of Class A recycled water. Class A is the highest achievable standard in recycled water and is commonly used on human food crops, for irrigating public spaces such as parklands and golf courses and for many other everyday purposes.
  • Recycled water is used for snowmaking extensively across the USA and has been in use in Victorian snow resorts for over a decade.
  • The Environmental water quality objectives aim for there to be no change in water quality beyond natural variability by the time the recycled water reaches Clear Creek.
  • The treeatment of Selwyn’s recycled water benefits the local environment by ensuring that water entering resort’s surrounding areas and water ways is of the highest treatment quality.
  • Selwyn has a completely separate potable water source, with water for drinking, showering and washing hands being pumped to the resort from nearby Three Mile Dam.
  • The Water Reuse system has continuous monitoring built in, with the system self-checking a range of parameters 24/7 to ensure that it produces a safe and consistent quality of water.
  • Snow that is made from recycled water looks and feels the same as all other man-made snow.
  • If snow made from recycled water is ingested, it will not have any significant health implications. However just like natural snow, once it hits the ground it is vulnerable to contamination by animals, vehicles and other skiers, so should not be eaten.


Commencement of the scheme is subject to the Final Approval of New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Planning, Housing & Infrastructure. 

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