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Mar 13, 2024 | Selwyn

Are you gearing up for an unforgettable experience at Selwyn Snow Resort? Streamline your trip, save time, and cut costs with these two easy planning steps.

  1. Create Your Selwyn Snow Resort Account:
    • Sign up and add your family members to your account beforehand.
    • Adding family members in advance simplifies the checkout process.
  2. Pre-Book Online for Everything:
    • Secure your Lift Passes, Snowsports lessons, Rentals, or Tobogganing Passes online here to save both time and money!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I Need to Prebook?

  • While not mandatory, prebooking is highly recommended to save both time and money.

Q: Can Selwyn Snow Resort Sell Out?

  • While Lift and Tobogganing Passes usually don’t sell out, lessons and rentals might, so it’s advisable to prebook.

Q: Benefits of Pre-booking Rentals:

  • Enjoy the express lane for rental pick-ups, with all your details ready for a quick fitting.
  • Save time and money when prebooking your rentals.

Q: What Can I Book Online?

  • Everything! Lift passes, rentals, lessons, and tobogganing can all be conveniently booked online.

Q: How Do I Save Time?

  • Prebook Lift Passes to skip lines and head straight to the Collection Kiosks.
  • Prebook Rentals for a faster experience in the dedicated prebooked lane.
  • Prebook Lessons to bypass the Lesson Desk queue and head directly to the lesson area.

Q: Onsite Accommodation at Selwyn Snow Resort?

  • While there’s no onsite accommodation, consider staying in nearby towns like Adaminaby or Talbingo.
  • Our top recommendation is the newly refurbished Happy Valley Farmhouse, just outside Adaminaby. Book Happy Valley Farmhouse Online

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