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Our Policy

Selwyn Snowfields is located in the sensitive environment of Kosciuszko National Park. We are a family owned business with three generations stewardship of our site.

Through our longstanding association with the area we have developed a deep appreciation of it's unique natural, social & cultural significance. We possess a sincere wish to contribute positively to the preservation of our environment.

Selwyn Snowfields is committed to the prevention of pollution in all aspects of business. We promote continual improvement of our operations through a cycle of education, review and change. This process includes:

  • Having an Environment Committee to review operations and determine risks/objectives in relation to environmental impact.
  • Having a simple mechanism for staff to contribute
  • Setting targets for improvements
  • Investigating new technologies
  • Having ongoing review of the Environmental Management System (EMS), including the Environment Policy, through the Environment Committee & staff feedback.

To maintain the effectiveness of our EMS, Selwyn Snowfields educates staff and contractors on our Environmental aspects and related policies / procedures.

We maintain open dialogue with government bodies and industry peers to ensure we are working to appropriate regulations and EMS targets.

This Policy is widely available to the public and we value their feedback on out operations.





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